Wedding Hair & Makeup


Let our Charlotte wedding hair and makeup experts make your wedding day a spectacular event with a gorgeous bridal style created just for you!  We will work together with you to plan and coordinate all of the details.  Whether your style is classic or avante garde, our stylists can create the hair of your dreams.  Schedule an appointment for a consultation today.

Bridal Hair and Makeup Q&A

Do I need to schedule a trial run for my wedding hair style?
A trial run allows you to see a version of  your bridal style well in advance of the big day so that there are no surprises! You will have the opportunity to work with one of our talented stylists, planning and fine tuning the details for gorgeous hair. Then on the day of your wedding, you will know exactly how your style will look and what to expect. This will keep your stress level at a minimum, and less stress is always a good thing on your wedding day! We recommend scheduling a trial run with one of our Charlotte wedding hair specialists at least 2 to 3 months before the date of your wedding.

What should I wear to my wedding hair appointment?

A button up shirt is perfect for your trial run as well as your final wedding hair appointment. Shirts with collars, turtle necks  or hoods can ruin your bridal style. Choose a zip up or button up shirt to wear instead.

Can I color my hair before my wedding day?
Yes.  You can receive a hair color or highlight before your wedding day. A good plan is to schedule a hair color or highlight about 2 weeks in advance of the big day, as you will not want to wait until the last minute.  Your hair will need a few days to adjust to your new color or highlights. Our stylists will be happy to help you select the perfect hue.

What should I bring to my initial wedding hair consultation?
Your first appointment with our bridal hair stylists is a wonderful time to share your vision and your ideas. You can bring photos that you have collected that show different styles that you like as well as photos of your dress. If you are planning to wear a veil or hair accessories, you can bring these items as well.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, let us know. Heat, humidity, wind and other factors can add an additional challenge, and you will want to make sure that your wedding hair style can withstand any surprises from Mother Nature. We will be happy to make recommendations for styles that will look amazing no matter what the weather.


How can I make my hair shiny and healthy before my wedding?
Start planning for healthy hair several months before your wedding day.  If your hair is damaged, frizzy, or lacking shine, begin taking steps to restore its health and luster. One of our stylists can select hair care products that will target specifically what your hair needs.

Deep conditioning shampoos and moisturizing conditioners and well as leave in conditioning products and serums can all have a positive effect in nourishing your hair so that it will look amazing for your wedding photos. L’Oreal Powerdose treatments or Redken Chemistry Shot treatments are fabulous ways to repair damage, lock in moisture, add shine, and strengthen your hair. A gloss treatment can also add beautiful shine to your hair, and can be scheduled two weeks in advance of the big day.

If your hair has uncontrollable frizz or unwanted curl, a keratin treatment is the perfect option. A keratin treatment will give you the soft, smooth texture that you long for, and will keep your hair manageable and silky for up to 2 months. For amazing silky, smooth hair, we suggest scheduling a keratin treatment a few weeks before your wedding day.

Should I wash my hair before my wedding hair appointment?  
This depends largely on your hair type and the type of style that our bridal hair stylists will be creating for you. If your hair is normal, and if you are planning for an updo style, then it is generally best to wash your hair the night before your wedding day instead of the day of. The natural oils in your hair will allow it to conform more easily to an updo.  If you are going for long lengthy layers, you may be able to shampoo your hair on the morning of the wedding instead of the evening before. When you arrive at our salon for your initial wedding hair appointment, we will examine your hair type and give you specific instructions for hair care on the day of your wedding in order to allow for the best results.