Additional Bridal Q & A

Do I need to schedule a trial run for my makeup as well as my hair?
Scheduling a trial run for your bridal makeup is just as important as scheduling a trial run for your hair. You can schedule both appointments on the same day so that you can get a complete vision of what your finished look will be. With the talented artistry of our Charlotte wedding makeup specialist, Stanley Owings, we guarantee that you will love your look!

What should I bring to my wedding makeup consultation?
Just like a wedding hair consultation, a wedding makeup consultation is your opportunity to share your vision. You can bring photos that show the makeup style that you like as well as the colors that you prefer. If you have any allergic reactions, skin sensitivities or other issues, please let us know so that we can tailor our services to address your skin’s needs.


Schedule a bridal consultation today with our Charlotte wedding hair and makeup specialists! 

How do I make sure that my skin looks healthy and beautiful?
Don’t wait until the last minute to think about beautiful skin. Begin several months before your wedding by scheduling regular facial treatments, especially if your skin is acne prone or has other issues. Our PCA facials, peels, masks, and therapies will cleanse and refresh your skin for a beautiful, healthy, glow.

Our skin care specialist will be happy to meet with you for a personal consultation to customize a plan for gorgeous, healthy skin so that you will look radiant for all of your bridal photos! With the right treatments and skin care products, your skin can be transformed and rejuvenated.

When should I schedule a waxing appointment?
Shaving is time consuming and a daily chore, but a waxing service from our Charlotte salon will leave your skin silky smooth for weeks. We recommend scheduling your waxing appointment a week before your wedding for beautiful skin for your honeymoon as well as the big day.  Shine Salon offers a full menu of waxing services that are perfect for brides, from professional eyebrow waxing to Brazilian Wax! We use high quality formulas for our services that are gentle on your skin and extremely effective. Toss the razor and the tweezers and make an appointment today!

For best results, we suggest at least ¼ to ½ inches of hair growth before your appointment. This allows for more effective results.