Skin Services

Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin
Whether you’re looking for a waxing service, signature facial, PCA mask, or PCA chemical peel, Shine Salon is your destination for gorgeous healthy skin.

PCA Skincare
PCA SKIN products are available exclusively through a dedicated network of physicians and aestheticians. Every aesthetic service at Shine Salon starts with an in-depth consultation which allows us to tailor a service specific to your needs.

PCA Skin Care

PCA Consult (Includes Kit) –  $50
Sit down with Rosie for an in depth consultation that allows her to learn exactly what you want to achieve through a chemical peel regime. Learn about your individual peel options and add-on treatments that will help Rosie perfect your skin, leaving you with a flawless complexion and healthy glow.

PCA Peel – $95 & up
Gentle ingredients are carefully blended to work and remove dull, damaged surface layers to reveal your smooth radiant, glowing skin that is hidden below the surface. PCA SKIN professional treatments and daily care products dramatically improve skin health for a more beautiful complexion without the discomfort and downtime associated with traditional peels.

Peel Alternatives

These highly effective treatments rejuvenate skin and are used between treatments to maintain glowing, clear and healthy skin.

PCA Signature Facial – $95

PCA Deep Pore Treatment – $95
Refines the pores and clears the skin of unwanted toxins and debris.

Therapeutic Masks – $85
• Hydrate • Clarify • Revitalize • Re-texturize

Oxygenating Trio – $95
A three step process that rejuvenates sluggish skin as it as it draws Oxygen to the skin’s surface, resulting in radiant healthy skin. Perfect for those that desire luminescent skin prior to a big event.